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Roof Boxes at Halfords

If you're planning a getaway and your car's crammed so full that you can't take everything you need, a roof box could solve your problem.

Here at Halfords, we've got a huge selection of Thule roof boxes in a range of sizes. It can be difficult choosing which is right for you, but it depends on how much luggage you need to carry and bear in mind that the biggest is the size of a large estate car boot!

Exodus Medium size roof boxes tend to be most popular. They're large enough to carry your extra luggage whilst being small enough to lift. If you're going away and want to take your bikes with you, you'll need a narrow roof box so you can fit the bikes on your roof too.

Don't forget you can reserve your roof box via Click and Collect. Our clever people can even fit your roof box for a small charge too.